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I just came across this really fun post that teaches you how to develop negatives with coffee and Vitamin C.

Chemistry at work!!

It sounds like something I would love to try one day, with one teeny weeny problem – color films will end up as black and white negatives. Aw. darn.

Still, it sounds like fun. Shall go get a roll of film, dig out my old film camera and play with this one day.

Here’s the link:

Just a few days ago I asked a friend of mine what ‘B’ stands for when we refer to the different hardness of pencil leads. There’s HB, 2B, 3B pencils etc. I remember in primary school, we weren’t allowed to use HB pencils cos it was too light to be seen. So everyone was supposed to buy 2B pencils instead.

But what’s ‘B’?

Here’s what I found:

Pencil leads are graded by hardness and B stands for ‘Black’. The number/alphabet in front is the rating of hardness eg. H is for Hard while increasing numbers means increasing softness.


Warning: this is just going to be a random set of instructables I saw the past few days.

An easy to make IQ paper toy cube

DIY Magnetic stirrer with hot plate for less than US$30 

A different kind of made of paper toy cube

DIY sterling engine 

And another paper toy 

Origami Ball 

And Oooh look! your very own wooden gear clock 

Now your job is to decide what kinda of theme (if any) I had for this bumper set. =)

Came across this really interesting blog post about Real-life Superheroes:

Real people with incredible ‘superhero’ abilities:

A boy with sonar vision like bats, another man whose body is magnetic and attracts pieces of iron.

Read more here!

I just came across David Wong’s article on monkeysphere. This is the guy behind the site:
Hence I suggest you don’t take the article too seriously. Even so, his article does actually come from something ‘real’ called the Dunbar’s number plus it sounds plausable!
So what is monkeysphere? You’ll have to read to understand. =)