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It was raining again today and my feet got wet. The wet straps rubbing my feet made me think of a question I had some time back – Why is it that wet socks make it a lot easier for a person to get abrasion?

Searching online, I discovered this site which did a great job answering my question.

Heat, moisture and friction all play roles in the formation of blisters, and each heightens the severity of the others, thereby creating a Blister Cycle. Excess heat signals the body to produce sweat to lower the skin’s temperature through evaporative cooling. Wet socks increase the amount of friction (stickiness) on the skin’s surface which soften and weaken the skin. Linear or torsional movements create shearing forces which subsequently cause the skin and inner tissue to tear apart. This separation soon fills with fluid to form a blister.

Now my question is answered. =) Hurrah for the internet.