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I recently had the misfortune to try Butterfish at a restaurant in Vivocity (Singapore).

Why misfortune? Read the effects of consumption here.

Pretty gross right?

This fish is banned in Japan and Italy. If I had my way, I wish it was banned in Singapore too! Or at least, all menus with it should come with a very big warning so that consumers will be aware of the after effects of eating this not-that-fantastic fish.

The humble scotch tape has just so many uses.

Already, you use it to stick things together – but everyone knows that.

Scientists also know that if you want to separate graphite layers, it’s a simple matter of peeling them apart with tape. see link

Mothers know that if their kids are suspected to have pin worms, they can diagnose the problem by sticking tape on the skin surrounding the anal opening to check for pin worm eggs (which can be seen under microscope) [link]

Now, scientist just discovered that the simple act of peeling a scotch tape in vacuum can produce X-rays strong enough to X-ray a finger! Amazing! The best part is, this has been suggested before in the 1950s. Why hasn’t anyone tried to do the expt before now I wonder?

Here’s a video explaining the thing: link.

The simplicity of the whole thing is what I just adore about this experiment. Lovely lovely.

According to this article:,

Hot drinks make others more receptive to you and make them give you things. whee! hehee.

Of course there’s more in the article –> go read it!

Nice video:

Gives you food for thought. =)

Recently I’m finding alot of rainbow flags strung all around the temples in Singapore. Earlier on, I mentioned to my mother about the rainbow flags hung in the churches of Toronto which symbolises LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) Pride so mum thought that perhaps these flags were also similar ones. I’m not sure about Buddhist’s stand on LGBT issues but I doubt those flags had anything to do with that. =)

If you take a closer look at these flags you’ll realise that these rainbow flags aren’t of the same design nor do they have the same number of colors. They are very different in fact!

This is how the Buddhist flags look like:

the LGBT pride flag looks like this:

Pretty different I would say.

Curious about rainbow flags, I went to do a quick wikisearch and realised that there’s just so many versions of rainbow flags, each symbolising or representing different things.

There’s of course the pride flag, the buddhist flag, PACE flag (which is the italian peace flag), International cooperative movement flag and so on. (click on the links to view each one) It’s amazing to see that there is such a wide variety of rainbow flags around the world each with its own symbolic meaning.

Anyhow, back to the Buddhist flags. I wonder how many Buddhist here in SG actually know how the flag came to existence? Did you know it’s actually a pretty modern creation (designed in 1880) by a famous American Buddhist by the name of Colonel Henry Steele Olcott?  Apparently the colors on the buddhist flag represents the aura that Buddha emanated at the point of his enlightenment. I don’t know about you, but I do find it interesting.

Oh and the reason why there’s so many of these Buddhist flags hanging ard the Buddhist temples these days? Because Vesak day is coming! =) A public holiday! Hurrah!

It’s the time of the year again and Orchard Road is bright and jolly with all the xmas decorations. Last year, during this same time, I posted a link to a post about the history of Christmas, this year, let’s talk about the history of Christmas trees.

The Christmas tree is a very popular form of decoration for the Christmas season and in Singapore, even the non-christians have trees at home and celebrate this festival.

Long time ago, in Germany and northern Europe, trees were pagan objects symbolising the fertility of nature gods. The practice of decorating coniferous trees was done during the winter solstice which occurs around dec 21. This practice was then adopted into Christian practice after the Church set dec 25 as the birth date of Christ. (Jesus wasn’t actually born on dec 25: read article here)

In the 13th Century, people used to hang the trees upside down – to symbolise trinity. When and why it became upright later I’m not too sure. But I’m guessing it’s alot easier for people to keep the tree upright instead of nailing it to the ceiling.

There are many legends regarding the origins of this practice of putting up the Christmas tree: read about them here.

But there’s one thing people should think about before putting one up – Trees take a long time to grow… If you want a tree, get a plastic one. Sure, it wouldn’t smell as nice as a real one, but at least u aren’t killing a tree just for one day. A plastic one can be re-used too and u wouldn’t be depriving a squirrel of a home. =p

Click here to read more

wiki has some stuff too

I’ve just got this really cool site from a friend:

What it basically does is that it works on your vocab with you and at the same time, for every vocabulary you learn, you get to ‘donate’ 10 grains of rice.

Details of how that works can be found on the site itself. I think it’s actually quite fun (Maybe I’m a bit of a geek/nerd… heh.) and you get to do good things while you are at it too.

A fun time waster that you actually dun feel guilty about playing. Yay.

Go play now! – I’m at my 1000+++ grains of rice already. whee.

p.s. this post isnt quite my typical trivia post. but hey, you guys wouldn’t mind right? =)

Ever drunk an ice-cold smoothie only to get a throbbing headache?

Congrats, you just had a brain freeze!

How does it work?

Basically, on a hot day, you are probably dying for a cold cold drink. but when u take a sip from the freezing drink, you subject the nerves at the roof of your mouth to extreme coldness. This results in your nerves sending signals to your brain that you are freezing (when u really aren’t) and your brain then reacts by heating itself up (to protect itself from being frozen).

When that happens, your brain is actually overheating itself without realising it. Hence, you get a brain freeze!

So if you ever want to avoid a brain freeze, try drinking ur drink such that it does not touch the roof of your mouth so as to avoid the nerves clustered there going haywire and sending wrong signals to your brain! =)

Before I begin… I just wanna say: WOW i’m blogging in here REGULARLY again. yay for me.

Ahem. now to continue.

Does anyone ever wonder why there are seasons in the northern and southern hemisphere and why countries in the equator has none?

Most people have the misconception that seasons are due to the elliptical rotation of the earth around the sun – the longer distance from the sun gives us winter while the shorter distance gives us summer.

That is in fact very wrong!

Think about it, if this explanation was true, why would the seasons of the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere be the opposite of each other? When US and Canada is having their summer, Australia and New Zealand is experiencing winter. Shouldn’t they have the same seasons if the earlier explanation holds true?

So what should the real answer be? Seasons have something to do with the tilt of the earth. It’s not easy to explain this without diagrams so for more information, do go to this site to learn more!

I’ve always struggled with the titles ‘miss’ and ‘ms.’ .

What exactly is the difference between the two? Aren’t they both the same??

Today, I’ve decided to go find out. (Yes, I admit I’m abit slow about checking up on this =p)

So, here’s the deal.

‘Miss’ is the title used for a single woman who has never married before.

‘Ms.’ is the title used for a woman regardless of their marital status.

Contrary to popular belief, ‘Ms’ is not short for ‘Miss’ but it is short for ‘mistress’ which is the female version of ‘mister’.

The general idea is that the titles for men do not specify their marital status so the titles of women should also be ambiguous about it. Hence, people coined the non-marital status specific title – ‘ms.’

Nowadays, ‘ms’ is often used in business correspondence when people do not know the marital status of the person they are liaising with.

So there you have it. the difference between ‘miss’ and ‘ms’ is that the former is a title for unmarried women and the other does not specify the marital status.

Extra trivia!

Seldom do people need the plural form of Ms, Mr, Miss and Mrs. But what are they exactly?

Here’s the list:

(Mr) Messrs
(Miss) Misses
(Ms) Mses/Mss
(Mrs) Mesdames

[ref 1] [ref 2]

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