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The humble scotch tape has just so many uses.

Already, you use it to stick things together – but everyone knows that.

Scientists also know that if you want to separate graphite layers, it’s a simple matter of peeling them apart with tape. see link

Mothers know that if their kids are suspected to have pin worms, they can diagnose the problem by sticking tape on the skin surrounding the anal opening to check for pin worm eggs (which can be seen under microscope) [link]

Now, scientist just discovered that the simple act of peeling a scotch tape in vacuum can produce X-rays strong enough to X-ray a finger! Amazing! The best part is, this has been suggested before in the 1950s. Why hasn’t anyone tried to do the expt before now I wonder?

Here’s a video explaining the thing: link.

The simplicity of the whole thing is what I just adore about this experiment. Lovely lovely.

According to this article:,

Hot drinks make others more receptive to you and make them give you things. whee! hehee.

Of course there’s more in the article –> go read it!

Nice video:

Gives you food for thought. =)