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Ever wondered why clouds can be white and fluffy like cotton on bright sunny days and dark and gloomy when it’s gonna rain?

My mum used to tell me that was cos the clouds absorbed all that dirt in the skies, turning it really dark and dirty. (That’s also why she says it’s not a good idea to get yourself wet standing in the rain)

So are the clouds dirty just before it rains? Well, not really.

The truth is, when you look at clouds, the extent of their brightness (or greyness) depends on how much light is reflected into your eyes. The more water droplets there are in the skies, the more light is absorbed such that less light can reach your eyes –> hence darker clouds. When there isn’t a lot of water droplets in the skies, most of the light can be reflected into your eyes and you see the the clouds are white.

When there is a lot of water droplets in the skies, they block off a lot of light, hence causing the clouds to look dark. And because there is a lot of water droplets in the skies, it is more likely that dark clouds signify that it’s going to rain!

I found a more scientific explanation in this site here: do read it for better insight!

Most sharks are harmful to people — FALSE
Of the more then 350 shark species, about 80 per cent are unable to hurt people or rarely encounter people.

Sharks will eat anything — FALSE

Most sharks prefer to eat certain types of invertebrates, fish and other animals. Some sharks eat mainly fish. Others eat other sharks or marine mammals. Some sharks are even plankton-eaters.
Whale sharks, the largest species of sharks, are voracious predators — FALSE
Whale sharks, which are the largest fish that ever lived, are plankton feeders like the great whales, thus the name.
The great white shark is a common, abundant species found off most beaches visited by humans — FALSE
Great whites are relatively uncommon large predators that prefer cooler waters. In some parts of their range, great whites are endangered.

Sharks are hard to kill — FALSE

Stress of capture weakens a shark, and so some sharks are easily killed in hook-and-line or net fishing.

Sharks aren’t the killing machine they are made out to be in Jaws. They are really just shy creatures who would tend to swim away from you. I encountered sharks while snorkelling once, and they really are more scared of you than you are of them. I know cos I tried to take pictures of them and they kept swimming away!

(taken from here)

Alot of sharks are being killed in a cruel manner every day because of their valuable fins.. Sadly, because many Asians love to eat shark fins, the fins industry is very big. And I’m very sad to be a part of the asian community who feeds this industry…

For those who do not understand why eating shark fin is cruel or for those who do not believe that sharks are shy creatures, do watch Sharkwater and find out for yourself.

Here’s one thing though:

“The oceans are the most important ecosystem on the planet, containing life that absorbs most of the carbon dioxide (global warming gas) that we put into the atmosphere, converting it to 70% of the oxygen we breathe. That life sits below sharks in the food chain, and shark populations have already dropped 90%. ” – Rob Stewart

When that happens, the delicate balance of the ocean’s ecosystem would be disrupted… we are really destroying our life support system..

I’ve pledged not to eat shark fin dishes and I hope more would follow. Together, we make a difference. Save the sharks and save yourselves!

What are phases? Notice that when you look at the moon, it looks round on some days and on other days, it looks like a boomerbang or like a half of a pizza (yes i’m hungry). Those are, crudely explaining it, the phases of the moon.

Many people have the misconception that phases of the moon is due to the shadow of the earth falling on the moon. Actually, that’s the reason for lunar eclipse not for the phases of the moon. In fact, the shadow of the earth doesn’t fall on the moon so often or regularly.

So what’s going on?

Again, this is a concept that’s difficult to explain using words, so here’s a site with diagrams to explain. Do read about it and teach others about the correct reasoning!

Before I begin… I just wanna say: WOW i’m blogging in here REGULARLY again. yay for me.

Ahem. now to continue.

Does anyone ever wonder why there are seasons in the northern and southern hemisphere and why countries in the equator has none?

Most people have the misconception that seasons are due to the elliptical rotation of the earth around the sun – the longer distance from the sun gives us winter while the shorter distance gives us summer.

That is in fact very wrong!

Think about it, if this explanation was true, why would the seasons of the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere be the opposite of each other? When US and Canada is having their summer, Australia and New Zealand is experiencing winter. Shouldn’t they have the same seasons if the earlier explanation holds true?

So what should the real answer be? Seasons have something to do with the tilt of the earth. It’s not easy to explain this without diagrams so for more information, do go to this site to learn more!