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No idea? You’ll never guess it. It was Thomas Edison. Yes. The Thomas Edison.

Got that info from here:

According to a 1911 policy with the Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York, Edison had five dots tattooed on his left forearm. No one knew what the dots meant.

Interestingly, Edison was credited for inventing the basic tattoo machine. In 1876, he patented the Stencil-Pens, an engraving device that many years later was modified by Samuel O’Reilly to make the world’s first tattoo machine.

Though it would’ve been a neat thing, there was simply no evidence that Edison used his invention to give himself a tattoo.

Came across this really interesting blog post about Real-life Superheroes:

Real people with incredible ‘superhero’ abilities:

A boy with sonar vision like bats, another man whose body is magnetic and attracts pieces of iron.

Read more here!

I just came across David Wong’s article on monkeysphere. This is the guy behind the site:
Hence I suggest you don’t take the article too seriously. Even so, his article does actually come from something ‘real’ called the Dunbar’s number plus it sounds plausable!
So what is monkeysphere? You’ll have to read to understand. =)