About the blog:

This blog started out as a trivia blog called ‘Useless Information Overload‘ in Blogspot on April 28, 2005 with a post about the origin of the word ‘trivia’ and since then a total of 50 over posts have been made.

When I first set this blog up, I wanted to share all the information (useless or otherwise) that I’ve dug out/discovered along the way with anyone who’s actually willing to listen. I am, by nature, a very curious person. And the advent of ‘The Internet’ and ‘Google’ meant that I could get answers really quickly and I thought that was pretty neat.

I’ve accumulated alot of trivia and what-nots and felt that I had to document them somewhere and hence the trivia blog. Sadly though, I wasn’t very consistent about updating.

Lately, I’ve been interested in even more stuff. stuff beyond just merely trivia. (not that i wasn’t in the past…) Hence, I’ve decided to uproot the old trivia blog and shift it here. Tcube refers to ‘triviatriviatrivia’ (trivia or T to the power of 3) cos I figured that people would appreciate a shorter blog address. =)

This new blog will continue the old tradition of being a ‘one-stop station to stock up on wonderful useless information’ and also take on a new role of documenting just about anything that caught my interest.

The categories of the first 50 posts are very much incomplete as I don’t intend to categorize my backlog of old posts. But I will do so for the new ones hopefully. *twist fingers* Meanwhile, let’s just hope that I will blog more consistently from now on!

About me

Well, since this is a blog about things that I am interested in, I mention more about myself. =)

I’m a Singaporean, that means I live in Singapore. (and no, that’s not in China or in Malaysia. Singapore’s rightfully a country of its own) Singapore’s somewhere between peninsular Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s a small country, but it’s pretty well-developed. Nearly everyone here speak English, some, like me, speak Singlish which is a Singaporean slang of English.

I’m training to be a teacher and have studied physics in my university days. Hence, you can look forward to posts about physics or science in general. I love diving and dabble in a bit of photography. I’m interested in many things (arts, science, nature, anthropology etc) and so readers can look forward to a diverse variety of posts from me. Hopefully anyway. ^ ^