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Warning: this is just going to be a random set of instructables I saw the past few days.

An easy to make IQ paper toy cube

DIY Magnetic stirrer with hot plate for less than US$30 

A different kind of made of paper toy cube

DIY sterling engine 

And another paper toy 

Origami Ball 

And Oooh look! your very own wooden gear clock 

Now your job is to decide what kinda of theme (if any) I had for this bumper set. =)

I was looking through and came across this:

I used to make this when I was really young. You just fold a piece of paper into that shape and flick it really hard. It makes really loud noises and scare the wits out of anybody nearby. Such fun!

And now for a bit of physics while we are at it: How does this work?

Basically, when the centre-fold of the paper gets flicked out, it moves at a very fast rate and pushes the air in front of it away quickly. This creates a shock wave which can be really loud.

I came across this instructable that I really really liked.

Whenever I need a CD case and don’t have one, I’ll inevitably pick up a random piece of A4 paper and just fold and staple it together into a folder. ugly but functional.

This guy however made a CD case from the same random piece of paper and it becomes ART.

Origami CD case

Now the CD case is both pretty and functional. How neat! Learn how to do it here.

And in case I forgot to mention it before, is a wonderful site chock full of all kinds of instructions to do almost anything. I really like the site because of the gems I can find – like this instructable! =)

August 2020