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Warning: this is just going to be a random set of instructables I saw the past few days.

An easy to make IQ paper toy cube

DIY Magnetic stirrer with hot plate for less than US$30 

A different kind of made of paper toy cube

DIY sterling engine 

And another paper toy 

Origami Ball 

And Oooh look! your very own wooden gear clock 

Now your job is to decide what kinda of theme (if any) I had for this bumper set. =)

If you look at Singapore on the map, you’ll actually find that Singapore lies along the +7 Time zone yet Singaporeans always use +8 GMT instead. There’s actually a very interesting historical and geographical reason to this: Read this article for more details!

For this post, I’ve actually had inspiration from which contains lovely posts on Singapore’s Heritage, Museums and other stuff. =)

p.s. For our non-singaporean friends, ‘salah’ is malay for ‘wrong’. In Singapore, Singaporeans often use a mixture of malay, english, chinese, hokkien and other dialects in our everyday conversation. We lovingly call this mumble-jumble of languages, Singlish.

I was looking through and came across this:

I used to make this when I was really young. You just fold a piece of paper into that shape and flick it really hard. It makes really loud noises and scare the wits out of anybody nearby. Such fun!

And now for a bit of physics while we are at it: How does this work?

Basically, when the centre-fold of the paper gets flicked out, it moves at a very fast rate and pushes the air in front of it away quickly. This creates a shock wave which can be really loud.

Yay, I just received an email I sent to myself last year!

Here’s to introduce all of you to this fun site: In this site, you have an option to send yourself (or someone else if you wish) an email which will only be received on a date which you set.

It’s sort of like a diary or a time capsule where you tell your future self about the things which you are thinking of right now, maybe your aspirations etc so that your future self could look back to what you were like in the past.

For example, if you are still studying, maybe you might want to send your future graduated self  an email to remind him of your current aspirations/ambitions and direction in life. Quite fun really. =)

Try it!

I just came across this really interesting game (still in ‘beta’) called crayon physics and what it does is that it allows you to draw 2D images and see how they would behave if they were subjected to physics (or in this case gravity)


Basically you have a ball and stars. You are suppose to make the ball touch the stars by drawing shapes with ur crayon cursor so that the ball rolls towards the star without dropping down.

It’s really quite fun and you can download other levels when you become bored of the basic 4 levels found in the game.

The only thing I don’t like about it (for now) is the fact that you can’t draw much beyond rectangles and well… rectangles. The newer version (purported to come soon) looks really promising. Seems like you can draw all kinds of shapes and even cars. Fun stuff!

To play, download the game here

For more physics gaming delights, try:

Line rider

For other experimental games, try:

Experimental Gameplay Project 

I have yet to play the games found in the latter website yet, I sure will do so really soon! Meanwhile, I can’t wait for the Crayon Physics Deluxe game to be finished!

I’ve just got this really cool site from a friend:

What it basically does is that it works on your vocab with you and at the same time, for every vocabulary you learn, you get to ‘donate’ 10 grains of rice.

Details of how that works can be found on the site itself. I think it’s actually quite fun (Maybe I’m a bit of a geek/nerd… heh.) and you get to do good things while you are at it too.

A fun time waster that you actually dun feel guilty about playing. Yay.

Go play now! – I’m at my 1000+++ grains of rice already. whee.

p.s. this post isnt quite my typical trivia post. but hey, you guys wouldn’t mind right? =)