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I’ve gone meteor-shower-watching several times now and never did see anything. Not one ‘shooting star’. This year, I’m not quite sure if I’ll see any too. But nonetheless, according to British meteor astronomer, Alastair McBeath, this year is a ‘great year’ for the Geminid Showers. Maybe I’ll look up in the skies tmr. =)

Oh yes, for those interested, it is claimed that this fantastic showers will peak on the night of Dec 13 and 14th. That’s tonight and tomorrow night! Do take a look outside your window. =)

For more info, click here!

What are phases? Notice that when you look at the moon, it looks round on some days and on other days, it looks like a boomerbang or like a half of a pizza (yes i’m hungry). Those are, crudely explaining it, the phases of the moon.

Many people have the misconception that phases of the moon is due to the shadow of the earth falling on the moon. Actually, that’s the reason for lunar eclipse not for the phases of the moon. In fact, the shadow of the earth doesn’t fall on the moon so often or regularly.

So what’s going on?

Again, this is a concept that’s difficult to explain using words, so here’s a site with diagrams to explain. Do read about it and teach others about the correct reasoning!

August 2020