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It’s the time of the year again and Orchard Road is bright and jolly with all the xmas decorations. Last year, during this same time, I posted a link to a post about the history of Christmas, this year, let’s talk about the history of Christmas trees.

The Christmas tree is a very popular form of decoration for the Christmas season and in Singapore, even the non-christians have trees at home and celebrate this festival.

Long time ago, in Germany and northern Europe, trees were pagan objects symbolising the fertility of nature gods. The practice of decorating coniferous trees was done during the winter solstice which occurs around dec 21. This practice was then adopted into Christian practice after the Church set dec 25 as the birth date of Christ. (Jesus wasn’t actually born on dec 25: read article here)

In the 13th Century, people used to hang the trees upside down – to symbolise trinity. When and why it became upright later I’m not too sure. But I’m guessing it’s alot easier for people to keep the tree upright instead of nailing it to the ceiling.

There are many legends regarding the origins of this practice of putting up the Christmas tree: read about them here.

But there’s one thing people should think about before putting one up – Trees take a long time to grow… If you want a tree, get a plastic one. Sure, it wouldn’t smell as nice as a real one, but at least u aren’t killing a tree just for one day. A plastic one can be re-used too and u wouldn’t be depriving a squirrel of a home. =p

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