I just came back from an enriching tour at the National Museum of Singapore‘s new special exhibit featuring Greek masterpieces (statues, relics, pots etc) loaned from the louvre – probably the closest I’ll get to see things from the louvre for now.

The tour guide was very knowledgeable in about Greek history and presented a wonderful tour with stories about the greek gods, ‘gossips’ and history too. I do think the exhibit is worth visiting and if you can make it for their tour, even better.

The exhibition is on till 16 March 2008 and cost $8 for adults and $4 for students and NSmen.

A little trivia for us all:

During the 1940s Cardinal Pedro Segura y Saenz (1898-1957) commissioned to remove the ‘private parts’ of the roman statues of gods and emperors in the collection of the Archaeological Museum at Sevilla (Spain). The cut off parts are still preserved in a cardboard box, carefully labelled (Bosschart 1984).

for those who are curious, the ‘private parts’ of the greek statues featured are still pretty well maintained =p haha.