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A very happy Chinese New Year to all my readers!

It’s the third day of the Chinese New year, and a short trivia for those who don’t know about chinese new year, there is a total of 15 days for our new year celebration! So there’s a lot more celebrating to do!

But. Today’s trivia shall not be on CNY. Instead, I was reminded on this special day, something my late grandfather told me. Something that could very well save someone’s life one day. ^^

My late grandfather was a taxi driver and he once told me that if the car I was driving ever had a faulty brake, one way to stop the vehicle would be to immediately keep changing the gear randomly and quickly. A car on manual gear would stall if the gear kept changing randomly and by stalling your car, you stop it without ever needing brakes.

There you go. Keep this piece of info in your mind and who knows, one day it might just save your life!

Now some of you may ask, what about cars that are on automatic gear?? Well… I don’t know. I guess you *could* try to put it in reverse gear and pray hard that it works, though I’ve never tried it myself. Hey. I don’t have a licence you know. *wink*