Girls suffering from cramps take note!

Just read from here that besides the usual (read: boring) ways of relieving the pain… you can also try…

Having an orgasm! (and the website went to say for gd measure that you can have it “alone or with a partner”. hehehe)

ooh and Kung fu!

“Ovarian Kung Fu alleviates or even eliminates menstrual cramps and PMS, it also ensures smooth transition through menopause”

Now there are more interesting ways to relieve ur cramps and *ahem* ‘enjoy’ urself at the same time gals! =p

erm as for guys.

Option number one allows you to actually help ur gf relieve her menstrual cramps wor… Finally you can actually do something to help her instead of just sitting there listening to her ranting. That’s provided she doesnt knock u on ur head for suggesting that option in the first place. hehehe.