ok. for those who dun understand chinese or get frightened by chinese, dun worry, i’ll translate.

the title: 滴血认亲 refers to the ancient chinese belief that when two people mix their blood together, if it coagulates then the two of them are related. i.e they are close relatives. (so lengthy a phrase to explain just four chinese characters hor? see? chinese is such a wonderful language! elegant and simple.)

Anyway, was watching this chinese period show where the folks inside were trying to determine whether a certain someone is another person’s son. then they were using the above mentioned method.

I’m curious… alot of those shows use this method to determine if someone is related to another. but issit accurate anot? Y do pple even use that method? Blood really will coagulate for related pple meh?

Sooo… i set out to find the answer.

Din noe wat the correct phase for that method is in english. cos afterall, it is a chinese thing… i think. so, i search the phase in chinese.

Naturally, i got my answers in chinese.

here is the untranslated version:




hehehe. do i see pple cringing away? No fear! although my chinese sux, i’ll try to translate that ‘offending’ piece of chinese into comforting english for the non-chinese and kentangs. =p

Basically, the gist of the article is:

Traditionally, the Chinese places great importance on the idea of blood relations as such, the idea of accepting a person as one’s kin if their blood coagulates with his own has its roots during the era of the three kingdoms.

In the Song dynasty, it was documented that if you were to drip the son’s or daughter’s blood on the bones of their parents, whether the blood actually seeps through the bone and gets absorbed would determine whether the child is really their child.

However, actually this theory is not totally correct. Given two blood types, A and B, they will both coagulate together whether or not they come from people who are related or not.

Thus, this method is not foolproof!!! Yay. did i translate correctly?? correct me if it’s wrong. but anyway, i learnt something new. did ya?

can comment anot folks? dunno if my ‘teachings’ mean anything to u pple lor. neva tell me whether you pple found it interesting/boring/enriching…