I’m sure quite alot of you go for karaoke. ^^

How many of you know what karaoke stands for? Or the origin of it?

Dunno? hehehe.

Not telling. =p

ok lar. tell u…. after you pek chek (read: that’s singlish for frustrated)

Karaoke is imported from Japan over twenty years ago.

Karaoke is an abbreviation of “Karappo Okesutura”, the Japanese word meaning “empty orchestra” an apt description for singing along to a music video, with the original vocals eliminated and reading the lyrics displayed on the bottom of a video or television screen.

The origin of Karaoke in Japan could not be separated from the traditional piano bar or guitar bar, which is the major premise of entertainment for Japanese business people since a long time ago.

In the bars, the audience could be invited or even volunteered to sing with accompaniment of piano or guitar.

It is also said when a strolling guitarist could not come to perform at the bar due to illness or other reasons, the owner of the bar prepared tapes of accompaniment recordings, and vocalists enjoyed singing to the tapes.

This preceded the birth of Karaoke.

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